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H a b i t a t   |   C o n n e c t i n g   hours2seasons

About Us

Jo'burg based architects

Based in Jo'burg since 2005. Primarily focused on the residential sector, from alterations to existing developments, new residences, cluster developments, apartments, change of use etc. Commercial & industrial sectors also serviced.

Advice on development potential & 'Conditions of Title' that are applicable to your site. What do your Zoning Certificate, SG Diagram and your local Town Planning Regulations say?

We can also assist with  'As Built' drawings & Council Submissions.

If you are looking to add a granny flat or maybe to design your new retreat centre in the Knysna? Get in touch, we'll be glad to help!

We work with clients from various provinces thoughout South Africa and in association with local professionals to service our African clients.

  Email: edsA tel +27 84 632 4698 or W/app +27 69 555 9111

Design Services

Property Development Advice

Architectural & Urban Design

Council & Construction Docs

What we do.

We cater to all stages of the building process:

Appraisal & Conceptual design: Municipal zoning and conditions of your Title Deed are appraised together with the relavent Town Planning Regulations. We combine your life / work  style needs and budget to design appropriate spaces that are meaningful, moving and uplifting to the occupants.

Design Development: In close collaboration with engineers, appropriate structural systems are applied to sculpt light and space into appropriate structures that respond to the environment, its people and their passage through hours and seasons. .

Council Submission: We then submit a legal set of drawings to your local Council for approval, as SACAP registered architects. Tender Documents need to be drawn up for quotes from builders. A builder is selected and once approval is obtained, the construction can begin.

Construction & site supervision: Professional architects are involved throughtout the building process to ensure that you receive a quality building.

We also cater to all needs for the marketing of your architectural projects, CGI renders / internal perspectives / animations etc.

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